Phys 492 – Senior project positions available

This semester I have three senior project positions available. I expect all students to attend to the weekly group meetings and prepare a weekly progress report. First 2 weeks of the project will be devoted to mandatory trainings, literature review and getting used to the lab. The rest will be project specific. Here are the topics:

Graphene Synthesis

Student is expected to review the literature on graphene synthesis and develop CVD recipes in our furnace.

Design and fabrication of a cold head for an optical cryostat

This project involves mechanical design of a cold head for an optical cryostat. The design will be performed in Autodesk Inventor and the fabrıcatıon will take place in mechanical engıneerıng machine shop.

Synthesis of 2D materials using a custom made CVD chamber

This project involves synthesis of 2d materials usıng one of a kind cvd chamber.
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Dr. Kasırga got his Ph.D. from the University of Washington on experimental solid state physics. He attended lectures of world-renowned physicists such as Nobel laureate Prof. David Thouless, Prof. Arkady Levanyuk and Boris Spivak on solid state physics.

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