Our new paper titled “Synthesis of V2O3 Nanoplates for Exploring Correlated Supercritical State” is accepted to be published in Physical Review B (Rapid Communications)

For the first time, we synthesized V2O3 nanoplates and studied their fundamental properties. V2O3 has a very intriguing phase diagram with two insulating and one metallic phases separated from each other by first order phase transitions. Moreover, the boundary between an insulating and the metallic phase ends with a critical point. This is similar to CO2. Youtube video below shows how under the right temperature and pressure phase separation between liquid and gaseous phases of CO2 disappears. A similar thing happens for V2O3 but for its electrical properties. The boundary between the insulating and the metallic phase disappears and certain Raman modes become indistinguishable.

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Dr. Kasırga got his Ph.D. from the University of Washington on experimental solid state physics. He attended lectures of world-renowned physicists such as Nobel laureate Prof. David Thouless, Prof. Arkady Levanyuk and Boris Spivak on solid state physics.

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