Graduate Students

In order to join our group you must be admitted to either the MSN or the Physics graduate program at Bilkent University. A background in physics, materials science, EEE, chemistry or any related field is desired but not mandatory. Visit TSK's office, or send an e-mail for further inquiry.

Undergraduate Students

Many of the projects we work on are suitable for undergraduate research and we are always interested in undergraduates. Some projects that might interest undergraduates involve crystal growth, graphene/BN/MX2 monolayer search, experimental setup design (CAD design, electronic parts and LabView etc. programming), data acquisition and device fabrication. Visit TSK, or send an e-mail for further details.

Former Lab Members

İbrahim Ergün
Physics UG
Fatih Yaman
Physics UG
Zayan Ahsan Ali
Physics UG
Mehmet Öncü
UG Physics
Kumail Zaidi
UG Physics
Muhamad Mahmudov
UG Physics
Şeyma Torun
UG Physics
Gönenç Bozbıyık
UG Physics
Mehdi Ramezani
M.Sc. Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Currently at University of Basel, PhD Student

Sena Nur Arslan
MSc. Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Mustafa Fadlelmula

Currently at EPFL, PhD Student

Berkan Özkan
UG Student- Bilkent Physics
Kıvılcım Doğan
UG- Bilkent Physics