Here you may find some of the equipment in our lab or in our center that we heavily utilize. We also have access to whole UNAM infrastructure.

Physical Property Measurement System – 2 – 500 K, 12T system for low temperature measurements.
Scanning Raman – PL – Photocurrent microscope from LST Scientific
Our fume hood for all the chemistry stuff.
10 K closed cycle cryostat for optical characterization.
UNAM Clean Room – Equipped with all the standard clean room machinery to fabricate devices.
Custom-made CVD setup for transition metal dichalcogenide synthesis.
Zeiss microscope with nanomanipulator for 2D materials transfer.
Scanning electron microscope to represent our access to e-beam lithography, focused ion beam and transmission electron microscope.
Three zone CVD furnace for VO<sub>2</sub> growth.
Signle zone CVD furnace for 2D growth.


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