MSN 524 – Spring 2020

Welcome to MSN 524 – Introduction to Mesoscopic Solid-State Physics

Lecture Booklet

This is a booklet containing the lecture notes. It is incomplete at the moment, however I hope to write remaining parts as we progress.

Lecture Hours

Tuesday 13:40-15:30

Friday 14:40-15:30

All lectures will be held at UNAM Conference Hall.


Term Project

Please follow here to get the latest updates about the term project.

Deadline for the review paper is 30.04.2020!

Hamid Rasouli– Review of nanoscale memristor devices: Synthesis, characteristics, potential applications, and future works

Darya Karim– Aharonov-Bohm effect in solids

Hilal Korkut–  Solid-state single photon emitters

Muhammad Hilal– Understanding electronic transport in mono-layer Transition
Metal Dichalcogenides

Koray Yavuz– Quantum Dots

Aizimaiti Aikebaier– Topological insulator materials and their potential application

İbrahim Ergün– Review of Quantum Hall Effect


Midterm Questions / Answers

Final Questions / Answers

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