10. Photoresponse of dynamically strained V₂O₃ nanoplates

In preparation, 2019

Naveed Mehmood, Hamid Reza Rasouli, T. Serkan Kasırga

9. Synthesis of V₂O₃ nanoplates for exploring correlated supercritical state

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications), 100, 161107(R), 2019. (IF:3.836, Rapid Comm: ~5.1)

Hamid Reza Rasouli, Naveed Mehmood, Onur Çakıroğlu, Engin Can Sürmeli, T. Serkan Kasırga

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8. Real time optical observation and control of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenide synthesis.

Nanoscale, 2019. (IF: 7.23)
Hamid Reza Rasouli, Naveed Mehmood, Onur Çakıroğlu and T. Serkan Kasırga.

In this study, we illustrate usefuleness of a custom-made CVD chamber in transition metal dichalcogenide synthesis. Having the ability to optically observe and control the growth allows to investigate


7. Photocurrent generation in a metallic transition-metal dichalcogenide.

Phys. Rev. B, 97(19):195412, 2018. (IF: 3.836)

Naveed Mehmood, Hamid Reza Rasouli, Onur Çakıroğlu and T. Serkan Kasırga.
6. Chemical vapor transport synthesis of a selenium-based two-dimensional material.

Turkish Journal of Physics, 42(3):293-301, 2018.
(Required publication for docentship application) T. Serkan Kasırga.



5. Effects of Thickness on the MetaltextendashInsulator Transition in Free-Standing Vanadium Dioxide Nanocrystals.
Nano Letters, 17(3):1762-1767, 2017. (IF: 12.08)
Mustafa M. Fadlelmula, Engin C. Sürmeli, Mehdi Ramezani and T. Serkan Kasırga.
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4. Visualization of one-dimensional diffusion and spontaneous segregation of hydrogen in single crystals of VO2.

Nanotechnology, 27(34):345708, 2016. (IF: 3.404)
T Serkan Kasırga, Jim M Coy, Jae H Park and David H Cobden.
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3. Measurement of a solid-state triple point at the metal–insulator transition in VO2.

Nature, 500:431-, 2013. (IF: 41.577)
Jae Hyung Park, Jim M. Coy, T. Serkan Kasirga, Chunming Huang, Zaiyao Fei, Scott Hunter and David H. Cobden.
[doi]  [BibTeX]


2. Photoresponse of a strongly correlated material determined by scanning photocurrent microscopy.

Nature Nanotechnology, 7:723-, 2012. (IF: 38.986)
T. Serkan Kasırga, Dong Sun, Jae H. Park, Jim M. Coy, Zaiyao Fei, Xiaodong Xu and David H. Cobden.
[doi]  [BibTeX]


1. Microfluidics for reconfigurable electromagnetic metamaterials.

Appl. Phys. Lett., 95(21):214102-, 2009. (IF: 3.495)
T. Serkan Kasirga, Y. Nuri Ertas and Mehmet Bayindir.
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