SCMLab Team

SCMLab 2019

SCMLab Fall 2019. From left to right: Hamid, Ali, Serkan, Merve, Azimet, İbrahim, Naveed

Our Collaborators

Our collaboration with Dr. Kibum Kang is accelerated thanks to the generous supports from Korean NRF and TUBITAK.

We have been collaborating with Dr. Göknur Cambaz-Büke on the synthesis and characterization of MAXenes.

We collaborate with Dr. Cem Sevik on the simulation of MAXenes with Dr. Cambaz-Büke.

Dr. Engin Durgun and his research group provides computational support to our studies.

We are looking for highly motivated scientists to work with us. There are multiple opennings. Please contact TSK for details.

T. Serkan Kasırga
Ph.D. University of Washington

Dr. Kasırga finished his Ph.D. in December 2013 and right after moved to Bilkent University as an Assistant Professor. Since 2015 he has been serving as associate director of the National Nanotechnology Research Center.  He is affiliated with the Department of Physics since 2016.

  • Office: UNAM Director's office
  • Tel: +90 312 290 8026
  • email:

Grants & Awards

  • COST 2512 - Grant #114F273 - 275790 TL (~$100000) Completed - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBİTAK 1001 - Grant # 214M109 - 504168 TL (~$200000) Completed - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBİTAK 3501- Grant # 115F070 - 337500 TL (~$130000) Completed - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBİTAK 1001 - Grant # 116M226 - 456750 TL (~$120000) Completed - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBİTAK 1001 - Grant # 118F061 - 480000 TL (~$100000) On-going - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBITAK Bilateral Call with Korea will start soon - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBITAK 1004 - On-going - PI, Research Grant
  • TUBITAK 1002 - Grant # 120F048 On-going - Advisor, Research Grant
  • TUBITAK 1001 - Grant # 120F234 On-going - Advisor, Research Grant
  • Ministry of Development - Grant # 2015BSV303 - 13800000 TL (~$2900000) Completed - Associate PI, Infrastructure Grant
  • Ministry of Development - Law #6550 Infrastructure support - On-going - Associate PI, Infrastructure and operational budget for 5 years for the National Nanotechnology Research Center
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Ph.D. Students

Hamid Reza Rasouli
Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Hamid is a Ph.D. candidate in the Materials Science and Nanotechnology program and his research focus in on real time optical observation of chemical vapour deposition synthesis of various materials.

Ali Sheraz
Ali is a recent Ph.D. student in the Physics department and his research focus is on mechanical and thermal properties of metallic transition metal dichalcogenides.
Amir Parsi
Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Amir is a Ph.D. student at MSN program started in Spring 2021. He will be working on developing novel materials via real-time optical chemical vapor deposition chamber.


Masters Students

Merve Üstünçelik
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Mohammad Ali Razhegi
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Mahmudur Rahman
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Uğur Başcı

Undergraduate Students

Shaig Khankishizade
Physics UG
Dünya Can
Physics UG
Ece Sena Bodur
Physics UG
Mansoor Khan
Physics UG
Muammer Gündüzalp Kahraman
Physics UG

Former Members

Naveed Mehmood
MSN Ph.D. Graduate

Post-doctoral researcher at Bilkent University

Engin Can Sürmeli
MSN MSc. Graduate

Working at Nanomagnetics Instruments

Onur Çakıroğlu
Physics MSc. Graduate

Ph.D. student in Dr. Castellanos-Gomes's Lab in Spain.

Koray Yavuz
MSN MSc. Graduate

Currently at Bilkent University UNAM, PhD student

Mustafa Fadlelmula
MSN MSc. Graduate

Currently at EPFL, PhD student

Mehdi Ramezani
MSN MSc. Graduate

Currently at University of Basel, Ph.D. student

Sena Nur Aslan
Berkan Özkan
Physics UG Graduate
Fatih Yaman
Physics UG Graduate
Currently at Nero Industries Defence Inc.
Kıvılcım Doğan
Physics UG Graduate
Kumail Zaidi
Physics UG Graduate
PhD Student at Tufts University
Muhamad Mahmudov
Physics UG Graduate
Mustafa Kahraman
Physics UG Graduated
PhD Student at Bilkent University
Cihan Korkmaz
Physics UG Graduated
Uğur Başçı
Physics UG Graduated
Zayan Ali
UG Physics Graduated
Mohammed Omer Sahto
Physics UG Graduated
Ertuğrul Karamanlı
Physics UG
Azimet Akber
İbrahim Ergün
Physics MSc.
Başak Çiğdem Özcan
Zikrulloh Khuzakulov

Bilkent University Physics Master student.

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