MSN 517 Au’15 Projects

In this  class you are going to do a project (worthy of 30% of your letter grade, in case you are more interested in the letter grade than the enormous amount of stuff you are going to learn by doing the project!). This year all the groups will work on a single project. However, there is a part that you need to come up with something unique!
Deadlines- Mark them on your calendar!

23rd of October: First Report

27th of November: Second Report

8th of January: Final Report

Nature Formatting Guidelines

You are required to submit 2 progress reports and a final report as a group, in Nature letters(1.2) format. Read the guide carefully, although we are not going to be as strict as Nature for the evaluation, it is a good practice for you to follow the guidelines.

Project Subject: Making and characterizing a WSe2 transistor

This project aims to make a tungsten diselenide field-effect transistor (W-FET) and characterizing its properties. We are going to start with an oxidized silicon chip containing single crystal mono/bilayers of WSe2. Than using several characterization techniques we are going to characterize the crystals and using different fabrication techniques we are going to turn WSe2 into a functional W-FET. Once we have an operational W-FET, we are going to start characterizing it using several different techniques.
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