MSN 517 Au’17 Projects

In this  class you are going to do a project (worthy of 20% of your letter grade, in case you are more interested in the letter grade than the enormous amount of stuff you are going to learn by doing the project!). This year all the groups will work on a single project.
Deadlines- Mark them on your calendar!

23rd of November: First Report

25th of December: Final Report – First submission

28th of December: Peer-review reports on other groups

5th of January: Final Report- Revised submission

Nature Formatting Guidelines

You are required to submit 2 progress reports and a final report as a group, in Nature letters(1.2) format. Read the guide carefully, although we are not going to be as strict as Nature for the evaluation, it is a good practice for you to follow the guidelines.


Project Subject: 2D Materials: Characterizing an Unknown Layered Material

The main subject of this years project is "2D materials". Here is what you need to do:
1. There will be 5 groups, each with 2 or 3 people. Visit here to see which groups are available: Email me your group choices by 20th of October, latest. Otherwise you'll be placed randomly.
2. Once a group is full you will start working on a review paper, namely the first report. This will be a broad overview of 2D materials. It must follow the Nature Letters formatting guidelines. (First report due 23rd of November)
3. By the beginning of November, you'll receive a sample with "unknown" 2D material on it. For the final report, your task is going to be to identify and characterize the material and give specific review on your unknown sample. You'll use (with the TAs) various tools such as SEM, EDX, AFM, XPS and optical microscope for characterization and identification.
4. Write a final report including your "discovery" with supporting data, and a literature review with it of course again in nature formatting. (25th of December)
5. You'll be asked to review other groups' reports. (28th of December)
6. You'll receive these reviews and revise the manuscript accordingly and resubmit it. (5th of January)

Project Groups

Photonic Crystals

Mustafa Sak
Deniz Umut Yıldırım
Hamza Humayun


Abtin Saateh
Aızımaıtı Aıkebaıer
Nedim Hacıosmanoglu


Merve Yavuz
Sıla Köse
Hadi Seyed Ehsan

Quantum Dots

İrfan Selim Bozdoğan
Elif Özçelik
Ecem Yelekli

PN Junctions

Farzan Shabani
Büşra Merve Kırpat