MSN 517 – Autumn’15

Welcome to the course page for MSN 517- Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Please check out this page regularly for updates.


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Quizzes and Homework

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Lecture Hours

Wednesday 9:40-10:30
Friday 10:40-12:30
UNAM Conference Hall

Lecture Notes

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First assignment: Read/watch the talk below

Please watch and/or read the talk, whichever is more convenient for you, given by R. Feynman, famous physicist, Nobel prize laureate. It is an astonishing talk given in 1959! There will be a quiz about it this Friday!    

Welcome to MSN 517

This course is the first installment of two semester series on nanoscience and nanotechnology. I hope this will be a fun and educational course! You can follow updates and announcements about the course from here!

There's plenty of room at the bottom

The famous lecture given by Nobel Laureate and one of the most renowned scientist of all times, Richard Feynman. The video down below is the slightly newer and different!!! version and the the .pdf file is the original transcript.