MSN 517 – Autumn’14

Welcome to the course page for MSN 517- Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Please check out this page regularly for updates.


You can access the syllabus from the link on the title.

Quizzes and Homework

Homework and quiz solutions are here.

Lecture Hours

Tuesday 9:40-10:30
Thursday 10:40-12:30
Room SA-Z20

Lecture Notes

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You can find the midterms and solutions from here.


Find the details about the projects here.


HW 1 is due Monday, 16th of Oct.

Here is the link for HW1.

Fourth Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes for lectures 4 & 5 & 6.

Second Lecture Notes

Here is a link to the lecture notes for the second lecture. It is a brief introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Please be aware that there might be some typos.

Midterm II is on 16th of December!

In conference Hall, at 17:40 pm!

HW 3 & 4 Available Now!

1 week left to the first project report!

Be advised!

HW 2 Solutions are Available Now!

Midterm I on 4th of November!

All topics covered will be included in the test.

HW 1 Solutions available now!


New Homework due 19th of October

Here is the link to the homework:¬†homework1-au16 Please remember I don’t accept late homework!

There's plenty of room at the bottom

The famous lecture given by Nobel Laureate and one of the most renowned scientist of all times, Richard Feynman. The video down below is the slightly newer version and the the .pdf file is the original transcript.